Ruby on Rails Developer

Level: Mid/Senior

Description: Advance Human Capital is a niche HR company for the fast growing IT sector in Bulgaria. We have hundreds of successful stories of happy specialist that we manage to attract through the years. We are sure that the future of the economic growth is with the further development of the bulgarian IT Sector.





We are looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer for  a company specialized in developing new and unique business solutions, integration of services with different hardware gadgets and mobile applications. For the R&D department we are looking to hire an experienced Ruby on Rails Developer who will work in an international team over various and interesting projects. You will participate in the creation of enterprise-class applications using proven design patterns on the latest technology platforms.

  • Ruby on Rails experience
  • Restful API experience
  • Proficient in JSON data analysis and conversions
  • Basic understanding of mobile SDK interoperability from with a web SaaS
  • Decent front-end dev experience, JS and CSS
  • Basic understanding of linux OS services and programming thereof via rake tasks

What we offer:
  • Top salary, catchy perks and other social benefits
  • Possibility for remote work
  • Exciting working environment, friendly chaps and experience exchange with colleagues around the world
  • Team buildings and sport opportunities
  • Work-life balance and flexible schedule

If it sounds right for you, we will be happy to have you on board!

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